Jeff Charlebois

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Jeff Charlebois is an experienced comedian and
writer, who performs in College circuits and
Medical conferences all over the US. After being
paralyzed in a car accident in 1979, Jeff learning
the art of comedy and overcoming many obstacles
that few would endure. He has been an inspiration
to many who have had the pleasure of meeting
and being entertained by him. Not only is comedy
a driving force in his life, but so is his commitment
towards promoting disability awareness and
motivating others to overcome life's obstacles.
You might say "He's got game".

He has been on numerous television shows and
featured in over 200 newpapers articles and post
office 'most wanted' ads. Jeff continues to write
sitcoms, comedy sketches, screenplays, radio
commercials, computer game dialogues, and
has recently published a humor book.

Everytime he gets on stage, Jeff rises to the
occasion to entertain, teach, and, inspire his
audience. Though the first thing audiences see
is a man in a wheelchair, by the time he is through,
Jeff's humor and character demonstrate to the
audience that disability only exists in the mind.

Jeff will be performing at a location near you.